"Thank you so very much for all the yummy goodies for the kids and for all the special treats for me, and for them! I thank you profusely for the generous check and I simply have no words to Thank you for all You have done and are doing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I seriously have tears and still am in shock! Feeling so blessed and humbled by such kindness! Thank you"


"וואו!!! אני בשוק!!! Very very generous of you!!!

May Hashem give you thousands time more! You are very kind, you thought about every detail and you wrapped it with so much love and beauty. It’s a pleasure to use it!! Thank you!!!

שהקב״ה בסכות כל החסד שלכם טוב הלב והשימחה ישלח לנו גאולה פרית וכללית בקרוב גאולה שלמה"


"Thank you so much. Please let everyone know they put a smile on our face and brighten our hearts and make us so happy. I wish you all a happy New year and all the blessings in the world. I sat there crying yesterday for a solid 30 minuets unpacking everything. Tears of gratitude not sadness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for filling my house with light. You’re forever in my heart!"



"Thank you for lighting up our Shabbat with your generously, thoughtfulness, and love. I am forever, forever grateful. I just wanted to tell you how much your group contributed to my family's chag, making it so special.  I baked a cake in the adorable beehive cake pan using the recipe -delicious!  My younger son wore some of the clothing- I didn't get anything new for him in a long while.  My kids were so excited to have steak -such a treat!  I made delicious soup and tzimmes and more with the groceries delivered to my home.  Your generosity is heartfelt and truly, truly appreciated.  Please feel free to post to your group...you all make a difference in the world.  I am blessed."



"Thank you for the amazing amount of groceries and goodies and flowers. We are so blessed and grateful. This is a hard holiday for us and you brightened it up for us. Thank you so much"


"Its always a little tough during sukkot but the kids are ok now and we really feel the loss this time of the year. We really feel so loved and supported! Thank u !!!!

בזכות החסד שאתם עושים שהקב״ה ירחם על כל עם ישראלתודה רבה לך ולכל מי שעוזרשהקב״ה יעזור לכל אחד ואחתמכם במה שאתם צריכים וישמח את ליבכםשיהיה לכם המון שפע ברכה שימחה בריאות ונחת מהילדיםושלא תרגישולעולם בשום מחסורשבת שלום❤


"Hi, all weekend I’ve been trying to come up with the adequate words to express my gratitude for the kindness and generosity you and your organization have shown me and the kids. I probably will never be able to find the right words but I do really want to thank you. For bringing us so much light during such a period of darkness and for making us feel cared for through this isolation. You are my Hanukkah miracle. Thank you ❤💕

"There are many nights I spend crying thinking about my late husband and our life together. The holidays are especially a hard time. You guys have made all my holidays this year feel different. I know there are people out there who truly care for me. When I opened your gifts (and beyond generous check) I cried but they were happy tears. Words can not explain how thankful I am to everyone who is involved in this special organization. Please please pass along this message to everyone involved and let them know that this year there will be a little more light in my life."


"Your amazing Organization, literally saved me from a huge embarrassment last night! Not to mention, the nights to come. Holidays are very hard for me, and I am not a good pretender. 

May Hashem give a long, happy and healthy life to you and your families and everyone involved at 120"


Thank you very much for the סופגניות that you dropped of the first day of Chanukah. And בכלל על הכל תודה רבה! You are the unbelievable that put so much of your heart in everything you do! חנוכה שמח מלא ניסים לכולכם!